Vancouver Island Accommodation hints

Accommodation on Vancouver Island is some of the nicest in the world depending on what you want to spend. Resorts command the highest prices as you would expect. There are many nice resorts in the high traffic areas for tourism. Resorts can often have their concierge who can help you navigate different attractions. Just beware that they are only recommending services that the resort is connected to, but that isn’t always a bad thing.

B&B’s are the most intimate and can have either in house rooms or rooms in separate suites that have entrances that are outside the house. This makes it easy for guests who want to come and go as they please without interrupting anyone. There can also be personalized service and recommendations of things to do in the area. It has been my experience however that B&B owners are not as well connected to attractions and services in town as resorts would be, so keep that in mind.

Motels are just a place to lay your head and you may not want anything super fancy. They serve the purpose for overnight travelers who don’t want to spend the money in resorts. There are many motels up and down Vancouver Island and this can make the least expensive accommodation choice.

Vacation Rentals are a great option for families or two to 8 people traveling that want to stay in the same place. Condos can be one, two, or three bedroom and make a great option for people wanting all the comforts a home can offer. It is very rare to find a hotel or resort have all the comforts of a vacation rental. The one drawback can be the amount of time you have to reserve ahead and having stiff cancellation fees. If you know your vacation is definite, it can be the most logical choice.