Hostels on Vancouver Island


Hostels are a great way to travel for anyone on a budget, or who wants a unique and social experience in each of their destinations. Vancouver Island is a friendly destination for the young backpacker and those who seek to explore the outdoors and excitement of British Columbia, while sleeping on something other than an inflatable mattress in a tent, or in a bed that cost more than a week of food.

For places like Tofino and Ucluelet, the hostels are a wallet saver even more than other locations. When the summer season is in full-swing, even the cheapest motels run at over $100/night! For many, it makes coming to the west coast of Vancouver Island an impossibility. Sometimes, the campgrounds can even cost enough that you’ll think there should be built-in beds in your site! There are also plenty of younger travelers that want to head this way, drawn in by the surfing, relaxed vibe and other fantastic outdoor activities. That means that staying at a hostel on the west coast is a great way to meet travelers, and there are a number of great hostel options to choose from.

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Courtenay and Cumberland of the Comox Valley are also a fun place to be put up in a hostel. Their main focus is in mountain biking, so your hosts will be able to get you onto all the best trails, too. They draw plenty of amiable travelers that are looking to get out and enjoy all the things the Comox Valley has to offer like kayaking, hiking, beaches and, of course, mountain biking.

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Even Victoria, a more posh and large city, has at least a couple cheaper places to rest your head for the night. Conveniently close to downtown, they also save you money in cabs and transportation so you can get all your sightseeing in!

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Hostels today are also much different than the dingy, run-down versions of the past. While there are still dorms fit with bunk beds and plenty of travelers, many also offer private rooms that are still cheap, allowing you to have a more secluded experience. They have cozy common rooms that mean you aren’t isolated in a sterile hotel room when you don’t feel like exploring, and even kitchens so that you can make yourself a home-cooked meal, rather than eating every meal out. Not only can that get expensive, but sometimes, you just miss having your favourite dish that you cook yourself! While they still typically cater to a younger crowd, it isn’t uncommon to see sociable older travelers loving the community vibe of a great hostel. Vancouver Island especially is a great place to find a new adventure buddy to head out on your next hike with.